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The OJ Gallery collects works by established and emerging artists from around the world, and sells them to personal collections. Currently we have many unique modern and contemporary pieces from provocative artists of the last century. The gallery also carries museum-quality print reproductions for personal or commercial display. If you’re a collector or new to collecting art, we specialize in locating, acquiring and appraising original fine artwork and reproductions. Recent Acquisitions

The OJ Gallery’s current collection includes originals and reproduced works by:

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Secret Menorah - Yaacov Agam

Quiet Sunset (Dolcemente Suite) - Hessan Abrishami

Elvis Star - Romero Britto

Balboa Point - Howard Behrens

Multiple Faces - Charles Bragg

Portofino - Tony Bennett

Unknown - Marc Chagall

Manhattan Celebration - Alexander Chen

Pyramid Rouge - Alexander Calder

La Femme Aux Tiroirs - Salvador Dali

Unknown (Nude) - Raoul Dufy

Viennese Heart VI - Jim Dine

Le Defile Du 14 Juillet - Michel Delacroix

Quatre Tetes de Femme - Edgar Degas

The Ark - Amram Ebgi

Hera and Zues - Romain Erte

Yankee stadium - Charles Fazzino

Journey to Paradise - Ferjo

Mi Paloma - Roy Fairchild-Woodard

Concert Hall 1 - Sam Francis

Untitled - Helen Frankenthaler

Untitled Original 2 - Michael Gorban

Cochiti - RC Gorman

Barking Dogs - Keith Haring

Frank Sinatra (The Voice) - Al Hirschfeld

The Dead: Racing Green Chili Red Skull - Damien Hirst

Hortense - Louis Icart

Homage - Giancarlo Impiglia

High Ball on the Red Ball - Robert Indiana

Parrots - Tiefeng Jiang

Abstract - Max Kay

Donkey - Jeff Koons

Kostabi No.5 - Mark Kostabi

New England Spring - Mark King

The Extra Terrestrial - Melanie Taylor Kent

34th Street New York Underground - Ken Keeley

Goodfellas - Steve Kaufman

Chello Player - Alexander Kanchik

The Embrace - Aldo Luongo

James - Robert Longo

Reaching Woman - Bill Mack

Le Fils de l'Homme (Son of Man) - Rene Magritte

Candide Tea Time - Isaac Maimon

Flag - Peter Max

Tragedy and Comedy - Burton Morris

Central Park Fountain - Leroy Neiman

Statue of Liberty - Leroy Neiman

You Own My Heart - Alexandra Nechita

Archway to Venice - Sam Park

Seaside Gathering - Pino

Le Clown - Pablo Picasso

Portait of Margot - Auguste Renoir

The Evening Glow on the Boulevard - Viktor Shvaiko

Cino Cepages - Thomas Stiltz

Three Graces - David Schluss

Times Square NYC - John Suchy

Still Life - Tarkay

Nature Morte Aux Trois Pommes - Theo Tobiasse

Yellow Roses - Vladimir Volegov

Ariel's Dolphin Serenade Giclee on Canvas MC - Robert Wyland

Moonscape I (Terra Luna) - Michael Wilkinson

Big Blonde With Choker - Tom Wesselmann

Rhino - Andy Warhol

Untitled - Yuroz

Tango Argentina - Aaron Zule