The OJ Gallery
249 East 57th Street New York, NY. 10022

Recent Acquisitions

The OJ Gallery is proud to have recently acquired works for sale from the following artists.

Peter Max

One of the most innovative and notable living artists in America, Peter Max has been a lifelong pioneer in pop art since the birth of his “Cosmic Brownies” style in the 1960s.  Over the course of his 50-year career, Max’s vivid, frenetic, and uplifting works have been displayed in galleries around the world. He has been commissioned to design or paint for six U.S. presidents and myriad public organizations and major corporations.

Will Burnett

Austin, Texas native Will Burnett’s photography is uniquely cyclical, capturing the material evidence of human culture as it tangles with itself and nature. Each of his images cleverly illuminate waves of human and natural force as they subsume each other while being devoured in parallel by the next wave. His work has been displayed in galleries in New York and Austin, as well as at the University of Virginia.

Doug Sperling

Sperling’s Architectural Mirrors series of photographs is an hypnotic study in symmetry and repetition as they appear around us in contemporary urban structures. His images revisit the approach of the early 20th century precisionists (e.g. photographer Charles Sheeler and Paul Strand), but do so with a uniquely 21st century familiarity with urban spaces.