About Us

At the OJ Gallery, our professional staff has over 30 years of experience in locating, acquiring and preserving works for private collections. The Gallery’s own collection includes rare originals by well-known modern and contemporary artists from around the world. Our Midtown studio also reproduces classic museum-quality prints that will enhance your home, office or public space. In addition to these services, we have been curating set collections for film, television and public spaces for over 30 years.

Because of our collective experience as curators, collectors and framing specialists, many international blue chip companies and discerning collectors make us the choice to mount special displays and frame collectible art by renowned artists or frame special objects of value such as a piece of memorabilia. Other reasons why people turn to us is that we build all of our custom frames and mounts at our Manhattan studio; so frames are unique by us, and they can be finished in a range of styles and colors to fit your interior design or the period of your artist’s work.

Remember, sometimes a custom frame can be as important as the artwork itself. A custom-framed work enhances the art piece or object’s esthetics and the interior design of the home or office. It can add a new layer of visual experience to any living room or office space, giving it a professional and distinctive look.