Our Story

Since his opening the OJ Gallery in 1993, Max K has been collecting and acquiring rare and original works from the early modern period to contemporary works for his gallery and private collections. Max K continues to grow his collection primarily with works from the 20th century--particularly modernist, post-modernist, pop and contemporary movements. Along with a penchant for modern and contemporary art, he and his team work with their clients as personal curators that show how artwork does indeed transform any space such as your living room or building foyer into a gallery.

Besides collecting art for sale and personal reasons, the OJ Gallery prepares both original and reproduced prints for display and preservation, and offers hand-framing and mounting services. Presentation and preparation work are both done onsite, allowing for immediate turnaround, even on large-scale projects with tight deadlines.

As a gallery curator, painter and collector, Max K has an eye of both an artist and gallerist. Such talent and experience have enabled him to work as a consultant for art preservation projects requiring a master’s eye for maintaining authenticity and stylistic consistency, as well as for placing pieces in spaces that complement the work and overall environment.

View selected works from the collection here.